Oxo-Biodegradable Bags

Oxo-Biodegradable bags by Green Bell Packaging Ltd. use significantly less plastic in their composition, although they look and feel like a regular plastic bag.

They are made using small amounts of a plastic polymer compound, scientifically modified using oxo-technology additives to break down the product over a much shorter time frame.

This innovative packaging technology has the added benefit of being just as durable as a regular plastic bag thanks to the small amount of oxo-technology additive required to make a difference.

What are the advantages of Oxo-Technology?

  • It reduces global accumulation of plastic that causes environmental pollution.
  • It uses a small amount of additive (up to 10%) to change the degradable composition of the plastic without impacting existing properties such as strength or effectiveness as an oxygen barrier.
  • It does not require special machinery in the manufacturing process and can be mixed during the production process, making it a cost-effective and economical solution.
  • It is made from harmless, non-heavy metal minerals so it is safe not only for the environment but is also food grade.

Green Bell Packaging Ltd. provides quality Oxo-Biodegradable bags that are completely customisable with your artwork, such as brand logo, tag lines, contact information and more, all expertly printed in colours of your choice.

Why choose our oxo-degradable bags?

  • Unlike traditional plastic bags that can take hundreds of years to degrade, our Oxo-Biodegradable option will return naturally to the soil within three years.
  • This is a great option if you’re looking to reduce your plastic use and take a step towards a more sustainable packaging solution.
  • Like 100% plastic, Oxo-Biodegradable bags are strong and durable and can be reused if stored and handled correctly.
  • Oxo-Biodegradable bags are a more cost-effective option when considering sustainable packaging.

Oxo-Biodegradable Bags FAQ:

The printing ink used on our Oxo-Biodegradable bags is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

We use d2w and EPI oxo-biodegradable technology to create our Oxo-Biodegradable bags.

Like regular plastic, our Oxo-Biodegradable bags are water resistant. They have the same look, feel and quality of a plastic bag and can withstand elements such as rain.

This bag can be reused time and time again and is designed to be strong and durable if stored in the correct way. Oxo-Biodegradable bags can be kept in a cool try place away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity.

Oxo-Biodegradable bags are designed to degrade over a much shorter time frame than plastic bags, taking two to three years to break down naturally.

To order your Oxo-Biodegradable bags, we will need your desired quantity and required artwork. Get in touch with us using our contact form and we can discuss your order.

There are no limitations in printing colours and printing area, much like conventional plastic.

  • This product is just as versatile as regular plastic and is available in a number of styles including:
  • Flexi loop handle bags
  • T-shirt bags
  • Die cut handle bag
  • Duffle bags
  • Patch handle bags
  • Mailing bags
  • Bin Bags

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