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About our product
Our biobag is a bio-based polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials i.e. cassava or corn starch, as well as vegetable oil derivatives, needs no industrial composting facility since it can degrade naturally in landfill with the help of macro and micro-organisms. Our biobag does not contain any polyolefin plastic and consequently will not produce microplastic during its degradation process that will further harm the environment



Cotton bags, paper bags, food packing and more


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Our biobag undergo comprehensive testing procedures to ensure product quality and eco-friendliness.
– Pass biodegradation test according to EN 13432, tested by OWS – Belgium
– Pass the acute oral toxicity test, tested by WIL Research – Netherlands
– Certified SNI Ekolabel for the degradable bioplastic shopping bag
– Tested and confirmed zero plastic content in the finished product by Low Carbon Eco Innovatory of the Liverpool John Moors University

Potential applications
– Shopping Bags
– Garbage Bags
– Laundry Bags
– Pet Waste Bags
– Aprons
– Electronic wrap packaging
– Automotive protection packaging

Frequently asked questions

It is a Bio-based film made from starch, vegetable oil derivatives and other non-toxic, environmentally friendly and naturally abundant materials. It does not contain any PLA nor any polyolefin plastic compound, it will not degrade into microplastics.

Our bio-bag will degrade in natural condition to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water by the action of microorganism (e.g. bacteria, fungi). Our bio-bag does not need industrial composting facility to be composted. It is also safe if ingested by snails, insects and other land & aquatic animals.

The printing ink used on our bio-bag is alcohol based and non-toxic.

Our bio-bag are certified SNI Ekolabel (71887: 2016) for degradable bioplastic shopping bags. Our biobag has also passed the acute oral toxicity test (by WIL Research, Netherlands). Liverpool John Moors University (Low Carbon Innovatory) tested and confirmed no plastic present in the finished product.

While our bio-bag has passed acute oral toxicity test, it is not certified as food and as such. Our biobag can not be considered as edible.

Our bio-bag dissolves instantly in boiling hot water, softens in cold water and leaves only a small amount of ash when burnt; contrary to conventional plastic which leaves molten residue behind

To retain the quality of the bio-bag, the products must be stored in dry and mild temperature room. Humidity, higher temperature, direct contact with water and sunlight can affect the physical property of the bio-bag and also speed up the biodegradation process.

In general, we guarantee the shelf life of 2 years, provided you store it sealed inside the original packaging. At longer or inappropriate storage, the quality starts degrading. Once the original packaging is opened, the shelf life will be shortened.

We need the measurements and your desired order quantity for us to generate the best offer. To
measure the bag, we need width (cm) x length (cm) x thickness (micron, 1 cm = 10000 microns). For
For t-shirt bags (with gussets):
A/B x C x D
A = Total width + gussets
B = Width
C = Length
D = Thickness
For griphole bags (without gussets):
A x B x C
A = Width
B = Length
C = Thickness

We have 11 basic colors for the bag. For printing all colors are available. Here are our basic colors:

Green 803

R:164 G:219 B:220

White 101

R:255 G:255 B:255

Black 301

R:0 G:0 B:0

Grey 501

R:132 G:143 B:161

Pink 601

R:229 G:140 B:184

Yellow 701

R:239 G:226 B:68

Red 402

R:187 G:61 B:72

Blue 901

R:61 G:99 B:164

Green 804

R:88 G:198 B:99

Orange 201

R:246 G:133 B:73


R:220 G:217 B:210

We recommend you reuse the bio-bag as many times as possible until its end of life. After that you
can discard it to any designated trash bin or throw it in your home compost - after all, its plastic free
and biodegradable.

Why degradable solutions?



3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is good and we actively support it, however it is not enough because it does not deal with Plastic’s end-of-life. We need the 4th R: Return to Earth, to really return plastic naturally back to earth and holistically close the life cycle loop

4th 'R'
Return to Earth


We need to minimize the use of regular plastic and use Bioplastics on our day to day requirements such as shopping, food packing, and other disposable items which are used regularly. Green Bell Packaging provides great alternatives to harmful plastic bags and food packing materials. We also provide stylish cotton bags to keep you in the trend.


One good practice is to reuse the regular plastic materials we use daily. However, this does not change the harsh reality of the bad effects of plastic on nature. It is always a better option to switch to biodegradable materials from Green Bell Packaging. Biodegradable material is also durable to be reused a number of times.


People are now more aware of the advantages of recycling plastic. But the problem with recycling is that, plastic has fibers, and the fibers shorten each time it is recycled. This means the plastic can be recycled 7-9 times before it is no longer recyclable. Whereas there is no such case with Green Bell Packaging's biodegradable products.

Return to earth

It takes a whopping 500 to 1000 years to naturally degrade plastic. This means the first-ever plastic invented is probably still out there. Thus it makes biodegradable alternatives from Green Bell Packaging stand out for good and automatically reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

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