Postal and Mailing

Mailing bags are essential for businesses today, particularly in e-commerce. We have designed a range of options with organisations, individuals and consumers in mind, all offering unique benefits that will help us to combat the issues associated with plastic waste.

We offer

1) 100% plastic free mailing bags
2) Oxo-biodegradable mailing bags
3) kraft paper mailing bags

BioMail Bags

Our newest product and the UK’s first 100% plastic-free mailing bags have been created using 100% plastic-free polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials and vegetable oil derivatives to provide all the benefits of plastic while being sustainable.

Why choose our plastic-free mailing bags?

Our Mailing Bags are:

1) Made using the latest specialist technology to replicate the look, feel and durability of regular plastic.
2) Designed to degrade naturally in a matter of weeks.
3) Available in a range of sizes, colours and can be customised to suit your brand.

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