Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are a cost-effective, stylish and simple way to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

They can be used time and time again due to their durability and practical application, making them ideal reusable bags.

Thanks to their more rigid nature, they are also a great tool for marketing and promotional purposes.

Green Bell Packaging Ltd. provides quality cotton bags that can be completely customised with your artwork, such as brand logo, tag lines, contact information and more, all expertly printed in colours of your choice Our cotton-based products are Fairtrade, have eco labels and are organically sourced as well as GOTS and OEXOTEX certified.

Why choose our cotton bags?​



Can be reused hundreds of times before any noticeable wear.



Preserve the appearance of the bag without causing degradation.



Made with a thick material that is resistant to general wear and tear.



Made using a Fairtrade (organic) natural material that is designed to be biodegradable.



Stylish and create an ideal canvas for bespoke design and printing.



Available in a variety of designs and sizes to enhance the aesthetic of your packaging.

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Cotton Bags FAQ:

  • Our cotton-based products have eco labels, which demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.
  • Cotton is biodegradable and these bags are made using 100% natural resources.

The printing ink used on our cotton bags is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Our cotton bags are completely organic and are Fairtrade, GOTS and OEXOTEX certified and our manufacturers are members of Sedex.

Although cotton bags are not designed to be completely water resistant, exposure to water will not damage the bag and they can be washed according to the care label.

To protect the canvas, it is recommended that you store your cotton bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity.

Cotton bags are designed especially for multiple uses and can last years with the correct care.

To order your cotton bags, we will need your desired quantity and required artwork. Get in touch with us using our contact form and we can discuss your order. 

Cotton bags are available in a natural base colour with printing available in any colour to suit your requirements.

  • Cotton bags are versatile and can be created in different styles and sizes to suit your needs, including:

-         Cotton bags with long handles (tote bags)

-         Cotton drawstring bags

-         Cotton backpacks