With One Million Plastic Bags Thrown Away Per Minute Green Bell Packaging Provides an Alternative to Protect the Earth

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As part of Plastic-Free July, UK based sustainable packaging provider Green Bell Packaging is championing the global movement against plastic.

The company offer an alternative plant-based solution for companies wanting to embrace long-term change that has the potential to save the planet.

With plastic usage on the rise and the rate of recycling declining, Founder M Vahid Nagori is warning against the issues caused by excessive pollution; affecting both land and sea. In the UK alone, it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used annually, nearly half of which is packaging, while the recycling rate sits at around 45%.

Vahid said: “Plastic-Free July is a great awareness-raising campaign that many environmental advocates will get behind with a shared aim to create a better, cleaner world. The statistics around plastic waste are shocking – it’s eye opening to hear that around one million plastic bags are thrown away every minute. When you think of that over a year, or ten years it’s extremely concerning.

“This month, we want to educate people and raise awareness of the plastic-free products that are out there that have the potential to change our course and save our land and marine environments. It’s by no means a simple task, but every company that makes the change is taking us a step closer to that end goal.”

It’s Green Bell Packaging’s mission to ultimately end plastic waste pollution and educate people on plastic-free solutions, demonstrating that companies have so much to gain from making the change. It’s become a priority for many following a recent survey that suggests 80% of Britons are calling for the government to focus on the introduction of refillable products as part of its strategy to tackle plastic.

The company specialises in the manufacturing and production of plastic-free and plant-based packaging that is eco-friendly and completely home compostable, using natural elements such as paper, jute and cotton to name a few.

It is the only UK provider of the BioBag, a unique 100% plant-based alternative that uses specialist technology to create a lookalike material with just as much strength and durability regular carrier bags. Despite it looking and feeling like plastic, the product is safe for the environment and will degrade naturally in a matter of weeks, without the use of industrial facilities to break down the composition.

The material can be used for a variety of applications including the likes of food packaging, carrier bags, mailing bags, waste bags and more and has already been used by nationally recognised companies across e-commerce and the high street.

Vahid added: “There are so many benefits to switching from plastic to plants. Not only is it the obvious choice when it comes to protecting the Earth as we aim to reverse some of the damage we’ve caused as a society, but it’s also a beneficial business move in this day and age. Consumers are more conscious in their decisions and a brand that promotes plant-based alternatives is actively playing a role in supporting a much bigger effort. Since switching to our packaging, our clients have reported a positive response from staff and customers alike.

“Legislation is constantly under review, and we predict that it won’t be long before plastic use is heavily reduced by way of the law. Companies shouldn’t wait for that day but need to be proactive and make that change now.

“The great thing about the plastic-free technology that we use at Green Bell Packaging is that it’s completely adaptable so we can work with almost any business or service to provide a solution that works and at the same time is at an exceptional level of quality too. Plastic-free doesn’t mean you have to compromise.”

For more information visit www.greenbellpackaging.com