BioBags have the power to transform the world.

Green Bell Packaging Ltd. is the exclusive provider of plastic-free BioBags in the UK.

We are the leading-industry pioneers behind this innovative, 100% plant-based product, which has the potential to change global attitudes and create and help to preserve our planet.

Our BioBag is very adaptable and strong and the technology finds polyvalent applications such as:

Shopping Bags, Packaging Wrap, Garbage Bags, Laundry Bags, Pet Waste Bags, Aprons and more.

What is BioBag technology?


100% plastic-free polymer compound from natural materials

Although it looks and feels like a regular plastic bag, the BioBag is made using a 100% plastic-free polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials and vegetable oil derivatives making it earth-friendly.


Biodegradable materials from renewable sources

BioBag technology uses biodegradable materials that come from renewable sources and is one of the best ways to reduce plastic waste without compromising on product quality.


Degrades naturally, with no industrial process required

The unique composition of our BioBag offers an alternative to mass produced single-use plastics and will degrade naturally, with no industrial process required.


Plastic free packaging solution for the global market

BioBag technology is the leading 100% plastic free packaging solution on the market globally in terms of its environmental impact.

Throughout the harvesting and manufacturing process, we remain ethical in our approach. Our suppliers cultivate and harvest the raw materials required in a sustainable way and the manufacturing sites are regularly audited by third party regulatory bodies to safeguard product quality.

Stop using plastic bags, Switch to Biobags

BioBag technology is a relatively new innovation and we are continually working to develop this product to ensure that it remains:

  • Cost effective and accessible for businesses and consumers.
  • Adaptable for multi-use applications.
  • Durable and resistant to damage to ensure practicality and longevity.


Our BioBags:

  • Have successfully passed a biodegradation test according to EN 13432, tested by OWS – Belgium
  • Have successfully passed the acute oral toxicity test, tested by WIL Research – Netherlands
  • Are SNI Ekolabel certified
  • Have successfully been tested for zero plastic content in the finished product by Low Carbon Eco Innovatory of Liverpool John Moores University

Benefits of the BioBag:

As well as having giant environmental benefits, BioBags also offer a range of advantages for organisations and users making them one of the best packaging solutions available.

Just some of the benefits of BioBags include:

  • Natural degradation occurs over a short time frame (typically two to three months), reducing possible risk of pollution.
  • The use of natural materials eliminates any risk to marine and land life upon ingestion.
  • There is 0% plastic present in the raw material and additives used to create BioBags.
  • BioBags are home compostable and do not require a special facility or treatment to degrade.
  • Companies switching to BioBags are demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and are contributing to UN sustainability goals.
  • BioBags are an all-round eco-friendly product with bio printing technology (environmentally friendly printing) available as part of your custom order.
  • The structure of the product means that BioBags are translucent in appearance for increased check-out time and efficiency.
  • The product offers a superior quality for customer satisfaction and comfort.
  • The technology has a practical use across a range of sectors and can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • With its light-weight structure, BioBags are more cost-effective to transport while being easy to store, offering improved operational and logistical efficiency.

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BioBags FAQ:

Our BioBag will degrade naturally back to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Our BioBag does not need an industrial facility to be composted and is also safe if ingested by snails, insects and other land and aquatic animals.


The printing ink used on our BioBag is alcohol based and non-toxic.

While our BioBag has passed the acute oral toxicity test, it is not certified as food and cannot be considered as edible.

Our BioBag dissolves instantly in boiling hot water, softens in cold water and leaves only a small amount of ash when burnt; contrary to conventional plastic which leaves molten residue behind.

  • To retain their quality, BioBags should be stored in a dry space at a mild temperature.
  • Humidity and higher temperature, direct contact with water and sunlight can affect the physical properties of the material and speed up the biodegradation process.

  • We guarantee a shelf life of two years, provided you store it sealed inside the original packaging.
  • At longer or inappropriate storage, the quality starts degrading. Once the original packaging is opened, the shelf life will be shortened.

  • The material used to create our plastic free BioBag is incredibly versatile and can be used a variety of ways, suitable for both personal and business use including but not limited to:

    - Grip hole bags

    - T-shirt bags

    - Bin bags

    - Laundry bags

    - Aprons

We need your desired measurements, artwork requirements and your preferred order quantity for us to generate the best offer for your order. Get in touch with us using our contact form and we can discuss your order.

BioBags are available in eleven different base colours, with the option to print in any colour, tailored to your requirements.

We recommend you reuse the BioBag as many times as possible until its end of life. After that you can discard it into any designated trash bin or throw it in your home compost - after all, its plastic free and biodegradable.