Paper Bags

Paper bags are one of the most popular packaging solutions thanks to their sophisticated aesthetic. All correctly sourced, our paper bags are 100% recyclable and degradable.

This option is widely used by leading brands across the retail and hospitality sector.

Our traditional paper bags are made from unbleached, recycled brown craft paper to conserve natural resources, preserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Bell Packaging Ltd. provides quality paper bags that are completely customisable with your artwork, such as brand logo, tag lines, contact information and more, all expertly printed in colours of your choice.

Why choose our paper bags?​



Made using ethically sourced materials that naturally decompose over a short time frame.


Sustainable and recyclable

Support environmental change and reduce toxic waste.


Luxurious and high-quality

Luxurious and high-quality and can contribute to positive brand association.


Globally accepted

With several regulatory bodies supporting the use of paper bags while levying heavy taxes on plastic bags to restrict its use.

Our paper bags are manufactured using:

*The Forest Stewardship Council is a certified programme that sets out a series of standards to logging companies. Companies that follow these standards are deemed good for the environment, their workers, and their local communities.

Product gallery

Other paper-based products:

Bagasse Paper Bags

  • Our bagasse paper bags are a newer innovation in paper technology and are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • As part of the manufacturing process, we reuse natural sugarcane waste which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making this option one of the most environmentally friendly forms of paper available on the market.

Jute-Based Paper Bags

  • A heavy-duty option, our jute reinforced paper bags combine sustainability and durability, ideal for carrying up to 16kg, almost double that of a regular plastic carrier bag.
  • Jute is a vegetable fibre that is used to create a natural-feel paper that is hard-wearing and reusable if cared for correctly.

Paper Bags FAQ:

Our paper-based products are designed to be naturally biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, marine degradable and are made from materials that conserve natural resources, preserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The printing ink used on our paper bags is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Paper bags use FSC certified paper.

Paper bags are designed to decompose naturally and at a much faster rate than plastic bags and will degrade in around four to five weeks.

To order your paper bags, we will need your desired quantity and artwork requirements. Get in touch with us using our contact form and we can discuss your order.

Paper bags can be made custom and are available in a variety of colourways. Printing can also be provided in colours of your choice with the option for 100% area coverage.

  • Our paper bags can be created in a variety of sizes with the option for different handles, depending on the intended use and your personal preference.
  • Paper bags are available with the following handle functions:

- Twisted handles

- Rope handles

- Ribbon handles

- D-cut handles

- Without handles