100% PCR Recycled Mailing Bags​

The recycled poly mailer bags from Green Bell Packaging are made entirely of recycled materials. They're also entirely recyclable because they're made of a mix of post-consumer (70%) and post-industrial recycled (30%) LDPE. The bags have double adhesive strips re-use and return.

  • Recycled plastic film

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Perforated tear strip

  • Flexographic print

  • Made from PCR material

Sustainability Properties

Green Bell Packaging is dedicated to assisting businesses in identifying the most environmentally friendly packaging options available for their specific needs. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "magic solution"; each product has its own set of considerations. Every product and material we've created has been engineered to be both high-quality and low-impact on the environment. Customers have comprehensive insight into the production, supply chain, and life cycle effect of each of our goods as a result of our commitment to complete transparency.

  • Fossil fuel reduction

    Reduces the amount of virgin fossil fuel content

  • Carbon reduction

    Reduces the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by production and delivery

  • Recycled plastic

    Contains mostly recycled plastic content

  • Recyclable plastic

    Recyclable in the plastic waste stream

  • Nontoxic Inks

    Water or biobased inks that do not require petroleum-based solvents


Green Bell Packaging's products have earned internationally recognised certifications, ensuring that our clients can trust the sustainability credentials of every product and material we produce.

  • Global Recycled Standard

    The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product


Unique considerations apply to different packaging materials and formats. The dimension limitations for each product, as well as the range of film thicknesses in microns (µ), are displayed in the Customisation section; these two characteristics influence volume and weight constraints.

The quality of recycled content is less consistent than that of new material. The recycled material has a speckled, grainy appearance that has no impact on the print or packaging quality.

Yes they can. The recycled films and paperboard materials used by Green Bell Packaging are recyclable. Plastics can be recycled in either designated PE streams (#4) or through in-store collecting systems like Red Cycle. All recycled paper goods are recyclable at the curb.

It's entirely up to you! There are solid block colours as well as opaque (see-through) colours available. You can't see the product being bundled within our standard envelopes that we offer online.

Yes, if your custom packaging order meets the product's minimum order quantity, we can change the size and print. Check the Customisation section on the product page for further information on sizing and minimum and maximum dimensions for each product.

On our online store, Green Bell Packaging offers a variety of different package formats that can be purchased in smaller quantities. These were created with the intention of being labelled.

Global shipping lead times differ depending on the shipping route, market demand, and other external factors in effect at the moment. Please see our most recent global supply chain update for the most up-to-date lead times.