Pet Poop Bags – 100% plant based and plastic free

100% plastic-free polymer compound manufactured from renewable natural materials and vegetable oil derivatives. Degrades naturally, with no industrial process required. Plastic-free packaging solution for the global market.

Size - 21cm x 30cm
Thickness - 50 microns
Colour - Orange

  • 100% plastic-free

  • Nnatural materials

  • Biodegradable materials

  • Renewable

Sustainability Properties

Green Bell Packaging is dedicated to assisting businesses in identifying the most environmentally friendly packaging options available for their specific needs. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "magic solution"; each product has its own set of considerations. Every product and material we've created has been engineered to be both high-quality and low-impact on the environment. Customers have comprehensive insight into the production, supply chain, and life cycle effect of each of our goods as a result of our commitment to complete transparency.

  • Home Compostable

    Biodegrades under home composting conditions into organic biomass

  • Industrial Compostable

    Biodegrades under industrial composting conditions into organic biomass

  • Fossil fuel reduction

    Reduces the amount of virgin fossil fuel content

  • Renewable materials

    Made from regenerative materials grown on responsibly-managed plantations

  • Nontoxic Inks

    Water or biobased inks that do not require petroleum-based solvents


Green Bell Packaging's products have earned internationally recognised certifications, ensuring that our clients can trust the sustainability credentials of every product and material we produce.

  • OK Compost Home

    Certifies material is compostable in a home compost

  • OK Compost Industrial

    Certifies material is compostable in a home compost

  • ABA Home Compost

    Australian standard that certifies plastic to be 90% biodegradable at 20-30°C, within 180 days

  • ABA Industrial

    Australian standard that certifies plastic to be 90% biodegradable at 60°C or higher, within 180 days

  • BPI

    Satisfies compostability standards ASTM D6400 or D6868


Our Pet Poop Bags will degrade naturally back to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Our Pet Poop Bags does not need an industrial facility to be composted and is also safe if ingested by snails, insects and other land and aquatic animals.

The printing ink used on our BioMail is alcohol based and non-toxic.

Our BioMail dissolves instantly in boiling hot water, softens in cold water and leaves only a small amount of ash when burnt; contrary to conventional plastic which leaves molten residue behind.

  • To retain their quality, BioMail should be stored in a dry space at a mild temperature.
  • Humidity and higher temperature, direct contact with water and sunlight can affect the physical properties of the material and speed up the biodegradation process.

  • We guarantee a shelf life of two years, provided you store it sealed inside the original packaging.
  • At longer or inappropriate storage, the quality starts degrading. Once the original packaging is opened, the shelf life will be shortened.

We need your desired measurements, artwork requirements and your preferred order quantity for us to generate the best offer for your order. Get in touch with us using our contact form and we can discuss your order.

We recommend you reuse the Pet Poop Bags as many times as possible until its end of life. After that you can discard it into any designated trash bin or throw it in your home compost - after all, its plastic free and biodegradable.