Green Bell Packaging’s Tips for a Greener New Year

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CEO of Siemens UK Carl Ennis has predicted that 2021 will be the ‘green industrial revolution’ will take hold, but how can you make changes within your own business?

There’s no doubt that there’s an appetite for sustainability in the UK but there’s a long way to go for us to reach the Net Zero trajectory. The task ahead is big, but not impossible and business leaders should know that every step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction and we at Green Bell Packaging are here to help.

We’ve spent the last decade working with researchers and manufacturers across the world to develop the most ground-breaking plastic-free technology in this field and we want you to know just how accessible our products are, and how much of a difference they can really make.

“There’s no way that’s not plastic”

Do you use a lot of plastic within your business? You may be using more than you think in the form of:

  • Internal mail
  • Customer mail
  • Food and drink packaging
  • Bags and packaging

The list goes on…

Luckily, we have an alternative that is completely plastic-free, home compostable, and durable. In fact, you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t plastic if we didn’t tell you. With our BioBags and plastic-free mailing bags, you can be assured of top quality and the best part is, you can simply throw the packaging away and be safe in the knowledge that it will return to the soil within a matter of weeks. That’s right – no industrial facilities required.

Recycle and Reuse

‘Recycle’ has become somewhat of a buzzword for modern society but did you know that less than 50% of waste is actually recycled? Help us to encourage recycling habits by making it a core message within your business. Practice recycling in the workplace and inspire your customers to take part too.

All of our packaging solutions are designed to be recyclable or reusable. If you opt for the likes of our cotton bags for example, you know that your customers can use them time and time again, for their weekly shop or to house their gym-kit. The possibilities are endless. And it means your marketing investment will go even further.

Education is key

Perhaps the most important thing that we want businesses to consider this year is educating themselves, their teams and their customers on what it means to go green.

The benefits are plenty and we’re on a mission to help spread the word and save the world from plastic. You can be a part of that journey.

Our team are available to answer any questions that you might have about our accreditations, product testing and manufacturing or explain any of the sustainable terms that we use. We can match you with the perfect product for your business.

Contact us today to find out more.