Sustainable Packaging – Where are we actually going?

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It is no secret to any of us that issues such as climate change, global warming and rising sea levels have been dragging on for far too long without any significant intervention whatsoever. So I constantly ask myself, what is the reason for it? There is so many of us under the impression that this isn’t a difficult job or the job itself is far beyond our reach, which is definitely not the case. We need to stop being so naïve and take responsibility and act. The question is how do we do this and make a difference to our planet?

Why do we need sustainable packaging?
With more and more online orders coming in, packaging becomes more important and a lot more common. One change that is slowly coming into force is the movement towards ‘zero waste’ and reducing harmful packaging. However, we must ask ourselves how necessary is packaging. Reports suggest that many products are actually being damaged and thrown away due to its packaging, so in actual fact the amount of waste we produce is still on the rise. Of course we all want to achieve ‘zero waste’, but there must be an alternative that is sustainable and not harmful to the environment or the products within the packaging.

With regards to recycling, reports also suggest this is not a viable solution in the long run. A report in The Guardian suggested that just under one in 10 (9%) admit they recycle only ‘occasionally’ and one in 25 (4%) ‘Rarely’ or ‘never’. What appears to be even more worrying is that when the recycling system is put into place, the specific materials will eventually lose most of its properties and will head to a landfill. This is just not a sensible avenue to pursue. When looking at this a bit further, you begin to understand that the best avenue to go down is compostable packaging.

How we implement compostable packaging and where it comes from?
Here at Green Bell Packaging, our compostable packaging is predominantly made through plant-based materials. A majority of our products are made using a 100% plastic-free polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials and vegetable oil derivatives.

Sustainable Printing and shelf life?
In actual fact the printing ink used on our products is environmentally friendly as well as being alcohol based and non-toxic. With regards to the shelf life of the product, we guarantee a shelf life of two years, provided that the individual stores the product sealed inside the original packaging. At longer or inappropriate storage, the quality starts degrading. Once the original packaging is opened, the shelf life will begin to shorten.